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Please keep checking back for the latest trial centre information

If you are a wheelchair user with MS and interested in joining the trial, email us now.

Please include your full contact details and location so we can let the trial site closest you know that you are interested.


ChariotMS is a UK multi-centre Phase IIb Clinical Trial which is running for 48 months.

It will test the safety and effectiveness of Cladribine tablets against a placebo.

The trial will show if  Cladribine can preserve upper limb function in Advanced MS.



You can also ask your GP or MS team

about a referral to your chosen hospital

The map on the next page might help you to find a trial site
Our First Patient
Carol Allen "I have waited a long time for this and now I am number one!"
Our Latest Patient
Tim Joseph "I hope the trial will help me to continue my passion of carriage or 'chariot' driving"

Want to find out if you can join this study?

-  Contact your GP

who will be able to refer you to the most convenient site.


-  Tell your MS Care team

who can refer you to a participating site.



(It may help to print the location contacts PDF)

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