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This is your space

The Blog will keep you up on news, events and how the trial is going. It's the reaon you signed in.

The blog is the place to leave your comments, ask questions and talk to other users.

You don't just have to talk about ChariotMS, all MS issues are up for talking about.

We can't respond to specific personal clinical matters, that's for the local trial centres or your MS team team

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Blog on the run ...

Thank you for your patience whilst this site was being built - it's been a steep learning curve! Please feel free to comment where you would like to see developments either post on the blog or email m


debra SMITH
Feb 14

OK, why does no one comment on this page Jane Doe? Because there are never any comments or discussions, so it is just like talking into a black hole – in it goes and nothing ever comes out.


debra SMITH
Feb 11

It took me a while to find out how to post a comment, but here goes:

I have "advanced MS", use a wheelchair full-time and only just before Christmas managed to buy a 'standing wheelchair' to strengthen my legs (I also have an assisted bike that I used to be able to use everyday for about 1 hour – but not since Sep 23).

Looking at your "trial recruitment" criteria is really confusing.

When I tried to join a trial (octopus I think) early 2023, although having my MS nurse complete the required paperwork etc., I was refused as being too bad! I have very poor manual dexterity (couldn't do 24 peg test) and am fed by my partner BUT…


Jane Doe
Jun 03, 2023

Still no comments, huh?

Welcome to the ChariotMS BLOG
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