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 The Trial Tests

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A new way of testing for
Advanced MS treatments

NINE HOLE PEG TEST (manual dexterity)


ABILHAND score (manual ability)



Timed 25-foot walk test

( for those PWAms able to walk)


Sloan Low Contrast Letter (visual acuity score)


Symbol Digit Modalities Testscore (cognition)


Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale (quality of life score)


Neurological Fatigue Index-Multiple Sclerosis score.


Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire: (General Health score)



Change over 24 months in brain volume assessed using the “Structural Image Evaluation, using Normalisation, of Atrophy” (SIENA) technique


Change in the total cross-sectional area of spinal cord over 24 months


Total number of new focal demyelinating brain lesions over 24 months


Total number of new hypo-intense T1 lesions over 24 months


Change over 24 months of the study in ventricular volume assessed using the VIENA technique.


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